My debut novel, Mistaken, is an Austen-inspired romance with enough wit (some would call it sarcasm) to sink Wellington’s wellies. Keep an eye out here for sneak peeks, release dates and more …


When Elizabeth Bennet does the unthinkable and rejects Mr. Darcy’s offer of marriage, both are forced to acknowledge their faults. Dismayed to have misjudged everyone she knows, Elizabeth resolves to never be blinded by prejudice again. Determined to cast off his pride, Darcy reunites his friend Mr. Bingley with Elizabeth’s sister Jane.

If self-improvement were the only requirement for a happy-ever-after, Darcy and Elizabeth’s would be assured. Alas, more imperfections than theirs alone stand in the way of their felicity. Jane Bennet, heartbroken once already, is wary of Bingley’s renewed attentions. Mistaking her guardedness for indifference, he is drawn to Elizabeth’s livelier company and very soon, overcoming pride and prejudice becomes the least of Darcy and Elizabeth’s concerns.

Set in Regency England, Mistaken is a witty, romantic tale of aspiring lovers who must prevail over fickle hearts, jealousies and resentment, if they are to have any hope of finding happiness together.

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