Outwitted by Words #4

The latest incidents of words outwitting the world.


I don’t know whether my local butcher has been outwitted by words or is merely a pleasant pheasant plucker with a literary sense of humour. Either way, this sign made me smile…



A recent conversation that happened whilst driving my eldest home from school:

Eldest son to me: What’s the difference between dumfound and dumfounded?

Me to eldest son: One is an adjective, the other is a verb. I could be dumfounded, or you could dumbfound me.

Eldest son to me, after a few minute’s contemplation: Or, I could dumbfind you, if I thought you were stupid.

Me to eldest son (after a flash of secret pride that my progeny shares my love of wordplay): Or that, yes.


A brief exchange that occurred in a hotel lobby whilst checking in with my mother:

Concierge to Mother and me: Thank you for staying with us, I hope you enjoy your visit. There is complimentary white wine in your room.

Me to Mother as we walk towards the lift to our room: Happy days! Free wine!

Mother to me: What are you talking about?

Me to Mother: He just said there was complimentary white wine in the room!

Mother to me: He said complimentary Wi-Fi, you idiot!

On the up side, Mother then opened her handbag and pulled out the desired bottle of white wine, proving that whilst words may occasionally outwit us, wine will never let us down.

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