Mistaken is an Audiobook!

I started writing Mistaken waaaaaay back in 2012. In the seven years since, I have rewritten it more times that I’d ever like to acknowledge, edited out enough words to constitute an entire second novel, published it twice, had two separate covers designed, and sold more copies than I ever expected would be possible.

Now, barring a surprise movie contract, the final stage of the journey has arrived. Mistaken has been made into an audiobook!

Narrated by the wonderful Arthur Rowan, it’s an impressive 18 hours of Regency shenannigans for lovers of audio to enjoy. I’m new to this audiobook malarkey, so the whole process, from auditions to production, was a steep learning curve. But here it is! Listeners registered on the Audible subscription programme can use their credits to buy it. Those who aren’t might want to get on it, because I don’t mind admitting that the price for non-subscribers is eyewatering (not my choice, folks, I assure you). Anyhoo, however you decide to get your mitts on it, I hope you enjoy listening!


  1. I just discovered Mistaken (on Audible) and have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, well done!!! I haven’t read (listened to) many variations of P&P, but I honestly feel like you have done an excellent job at telling the rest of the story about the Darcy’s that I’ve always been so in want of hearing. I look forward to reading more of your works. Please keep the stories coming, your writing is so enjoyable.

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    • Thank you so much! I’m thrilled you enjoyed the story and really excited that you enjoyed the audio version. Arthur Rowan did a truly wonderful job of bringing the story to life – he reads beautifully. I was blessed to find him. I hope you’ll check out my next story, Fallen, coming out later this year!


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