Fallen is (still) coming soon!

As a writer, peace and quiet, solitude, and time to be introspective is essential to me for the creative process. So, imagine my joy when the entire world went into lockdown and I was sealed in my house for four months with both my teenage children and my still-working-full-time-husband and my deadline approaching… 😱. Never fear! My  family are super understanding; they kept their squabbles to 90% of their usual volume, crept as quietly as elephant-sized mice past my office whenever I was writing, and only interrupted me in emergencies (such life and death scenarios as requiring a snack or to snitch on another family member). As such, I am very happy to report that Fallen will still be coming soon! Hooray!


The arrival of two eligible gentlemen at Netherfield Park sends ripples of excitement through nearby Meryton. But Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy are not the only additions to the neighbourhood raising eyebrows. An unremarkable cottage in the woods between Netherfield and Meryton also has new tenants. One of them—a lively little girl with an adventurous spirit, a love of the outdoors, and a past shrouded in mystery—draws the notice of more than one local.

Elizabeth Bennet—young, intelligent, and unfashionably independent—forms a poor first impression of the haughty Mr Darcy. On closer acquaintance, and against her better judgment, her disgust begins to give way to more tender feelings. Yet standing in the way of any potential romance is the closely guarded history of a certain little girl in a cottage in the woods. Elizabeth might be ready to disclose her hidden affections, but she is about to learn that some things are better kept secret, and some hearts are safer left untouched.


Keep a look out here or on facebook for release dates and blog tour info.

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