Epiphany is Available for Preorder!

I have news! Epiphany is now available for preorder on Amazon! A feel-good, low-angst story packed full of longing, laughter and romance, and of course, our favourite couple, Darcy and Elizabeth. Click on the Amazon link above to preorder.

“Somehow, his hapless sister had begun a rumour that he was romantically attached to the penniless young woman, from an unheard-of and vulgar family, with whom duty and good sense forbade him from ever considering an alliance…but whose extraordinary wit and captivating eyes he had been entirely unable to banish from his thoughts.”

HAVING RETURNED TO LONDON in December 1811, Mr Darcy is appalled to learn that Anne de Bourgh, his  vexatious spinster cousin, has embarked on a journey to Hertfordshire to visit Miss Elizabeth Bennet. From her correspondence with his sister, Georgiana Darcy, he learns that Anne intends to rid Miss Elizabeth of any false hopes she may have of marrying him. His dismay quickly turns into alarm when Anne begins to insert herself into Hertfordshire society, even attending balls with the dastardly George Wickham.

ELIZABETH BENNET FINDS HERSELF INTRIGUED by Miss Anne de Bourgh. After all, what sort of lady could ever meet the standards of the proud and fastidious Mr Darcy? She soon comes to realise, however, that her understanding of their supposed engagement—and indeed of Mr Darcy himself—is distinctly flawed. 

​AS THE COLD DAYS OF DECEMBER bleed into the new year, epiphanies abound for Elizabeth, Darcy, and even Anne, laying bare the machinations and desires of all those around them.


  1. It’s a lovely and elegant cover! I’ve read a small excerpt sent from Q&Q. Anne is a Lady C mini-me! I can’t wait to get this in my reader! Congrats and hopefully you’ll share another peek or two during the wait until January? Will you have a blog tour?


    • Thanks Deborah! You’ll be pleased to hear that Q&Q will be posting a couple of chapters on their website in December for subscribers to preview. I hope you’ll check them out 🙂


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