Taking Jane Bennet for a Walk in Darcy’s Shoes

Mistaken is a Pride and Prejudice variation, the most obvious difference being to Jane Bennet's character. The change wasn't arbitrary. She doesn't begin as a wholly unrecognisable person, but alters gradually and plausibly as a result of differing external influences to those with which Austen presented her. The decision to test her strength of character in this … Continue reading Taking Jane Bennet for a Walk in Darcy’s Shoes

Pride, Prejudice & Point of View

This little rumination on writing techniques was originally posted on From Pemberley to Milton as part of my blog tour. I'm posting it here as well for fans of Mistaken to enjoy. As the title suggests, there is a fair amount of misunderstanding between all the major protagonists (and occasionally the reader, too) in my Austen inspired novel. Of … Continue reading Pride, Prejudice & Point of View